Mugshots Grill and Bar – Tupelo, MS. The Gamble Burger (ultimate chili cheeseburger)

Mugshots Grill & Bar – Tupelo, MS @ Downtown Tupelo. What I ate: The Gamble Burger with Beer Battered Fries. $9.99.

Mugshots has a verity of atmospheric options to choose from. You can sit in the bar area located in the lower section for a lively ambiance, up front for a quieter meal, or outside on the deck to soak in the streets of Downtown Tupelo where Elvis once strolled.

They also have a diverse menu of pastas, salads, starters, and a huge burger selection! I anticipated it taking me a while to decide, but when I saw the gamble burger I was locked and loaded with my decision!

The Gamble is currently the ultimate chili cheeseburger I’ve had! A huge beef patty drenched in chili, house made rotel, sour cream, jalapeños, and lettuce. The choice to use rotel and sour cream was an excellent decision! In my world, sour cream makes everything better!

Each bite of the burger was a mouthful. Plus, throw in their large serving of tasty fries and you’ve got a total tastebud party going on! Add a root beer float and we’re talking legendary!!

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