Jo’s Cafe Food Truck

Jo’s Cafe Food Truck – What I ordered: Bacon Ring Burger, Philly Steak, Philly Chicken. Most everything at Jo’s Cafe is homemade. From their signature blended burger patties, hand breaded chicken tenders that are double dipped in Johnny’s signature batter, to the home grown tomatoes (when in season). The burger patties are quarter pound each…

Theo’s Feed Mill Restaurant @ Fulton, MS

Theo’s Feed Mill Restaurant @ 400 South Spring Street, Fulton, MS. Open for lunch Monday through Friday from 11:00am till 2:30pm. Open for dinner Thursday, Friday, & Saturday 5pm – until. **Menus in photos below** What I’ve ordered: Pettit’s Mississippi Rattlesnake eggs $8.00. “The Big Jim Naden” 16 oz. Ribeye $22.00. Half pound burger $6.00….