Comer’s Restaurant – pancakes and sausage 

Comer’s Restaurant @ 1733 MS – 178 Mantachie, MS (Dorsey). Open Monday through Saturday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   I’ve enjoyed most everything Comer’s has to offer, but one of their most popular delicacies can be found on their breakfast menu…pancakes and sausage!  The pancakes are huge! A normal serving size is only one or two pancakes. I always add a couple sausages to round out my experience. Although the sausage is only my side item, they’ve got it figured out also. Tender on the inside with a little crisp edge on the outside.  Since the star of the meal is the pancakes, anything extra is just a personal preference. They have several breakfast meats to choose from to enhance your experience so go crazy and enjoy!Be sure to use Comer’s coupons in the new 2017 Local Savings Coupon Book! 💰💰💰

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