Mi Michoacana (ice cream, popsicles, Mexican snacks) Tupelo, MS

Mi Michoacana (ice cream, popsicles, Mexican snacks) @ 319 South Gloster Street, Suite B, Tupelo,MS. Located in the shopping plaza across from the Neighborhood Walmart near crosstown in Tupelo. Open every day, Sunday and Monday 12:30 pm – 8:30 pm Tuesday – Saturday 11:00 am – 9:00 pm.

My friend Joshua Ballard and I were headed for a bite to eat and he mentioned this new Mexican ice cream desert place near crosstown. Although this wasn’t our original destination I’m always on the prowl for something new to try so we headed that way! It’s in the little shopping center next to the boot store.

When you walk in the good nature atmosphere is extremely evident. Painted in pink and green, they have grown up tables on one side and kid sized picnic tables on the other with a little playhouse up front for the youngest at heart. Also I noticed the shortness of the counter which definitely makes it easer for the young ones to see all the tasty treats try out!

What I ordered: Mexican Street Corn on a stick (also available in a cup), Beef and Chicken tamales, Prepared Chicharron, and Aguas Frescas to drink.

The tamales are made fresh and were very good with plenty of meat and side of hot sauce to spice things up. To cool things back down the Aguas Frescas made with rice and notes of cinnamon was a perfect drink pairing! Kinda like a drink version of a sweet rice pudding over ice. Soooo goood!!!

The street corn was actually one of my favorites. From now on I declare that ALL corn on the cob should be served this way! Or at least the only version I will order.

The Prepared Chicharron was an interesting dish. I ordered it with everything and it was very pretty and loaded down with cheese, veggies, and sauces. It also had a pickled pork skin topping that can simply be left off to make this an all veggie, cheese, and special sauce dish.

Ok, this place is mostly advertised as a desert place and I didn’t order a single desert…shame on me! However, I will definitely make amends on my next trip! That have many sweet treat favorites to choose from plus I’m told some very tasty ice cream with a Mexican spin to make it a must try!

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