Mugshots Grill and Bar – Tupelo, MS. The Gamble Burger (ultimate chili cheeseburger)

Mugshots Grill & Bar – Tupelo, MS @ Downtown Tupelo. What I ate: The Gamble Burger with Beer Battered Fries. $9.99. Mugshots has a verity of atmospheric options to choose from. You can sit in the bar area located in the lower section for a lively ambiance, up front for a quieter meal, or outside…

Theo’s Feed Mill Restaurant @ Fulton, MS

Theo’s Feed Mill Restaurant @ 400 South Spring Street, Fulton, MS. Open for lunch Monday through Friday from 11:00am till 2:30pm. Open for dinner Thursday, Friday, & Saturday 5pm – until. **Menus in photos below** What I’ve ordered: Pettit’s Mississippi Rattlesnake eggs $8.00. “The Big Jim Naden” 16 oz. Ribeye $22.00. Half pound burger $6.00….