Theo’s Feed Mill Restaurant @ Fulton, MS

Theo’s Feed Mill Restaurant @ 400 South Spring Street, Fulton, MS. Open for lunch Monday through Friday from 11:00am till 2:30pm. Open for dinner Thursday, Friday, & Saturday 5pm – until. **Menus in photos below** What I’ve ordered: Pettit’s Mississippi Rattlesnake eggs $8.00. “The Big Jim Naden” 16 oz. Ribeye $22.00. Half pound burger $6.00….

Forklift Restaurant 

Forklift @ 1103 West Jackson street, Tupelo, MS.   I’ve been following the evolution of David Leathers’ vision since it was first mentioned a while back. During its progression, it’s original name and architectural design has changed, but not the vision. To offer award winning food at great prices, while paying homage to his local…