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Do you advertise in newspapers, magazines, billboards, or social media? Eating Out With Jeff Jones NOW offers Brand awareness campaigns via our local network of readers!

We have over 26,000 mostly local readers. This past month, over 80,000 reactions with our stories. And have reached over 230,000 readers! Request our FREE e-info package for detailed plans, demographics, rates, and MORE! Need a custom plan…Let’s Talk!

A taste of what you might expect: your brand given a full page business Spotlight, brand recognition in the story and photos of our popular local restaurant reviews, video spotlight, and custom content.

I’ve been growing my brand, trust, and readership for over seven years. Through consistency, honestly, and attention to detail, my publication is recognized across the Mid-South and beyond! The go to source for new restaurants, local favorites, special events, and more.

This is what I bring to the table when discussing your long term advertising goals… request your FREE e-info package today and in person consultation. ✌️

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