Reeves Fish and Steak House – 10 oz Ribeye with Dale’s and Garlic marinade

Reeves Fish and Steak House @ 357 Salem Church Road, Golden, MS. Open Thursday through Saturday, 5:00pm till 9:00pm.

What I ordered: 10 oz Ribeye Steak with sweet potato, salad bar, and added whole catfish. Wife ordered Small Catfish Filet plate.

Cost: 10oz Ribeye Steak dinner $16.95, extra whole catfish $2.00, Small Filet 3 piece Catfish dinner $11.95.

One of the best kept secrets in Itawamba County for over 35 years! Although I had heard of Reeves Fish and Steak House, it wasn’t on my radar until recently.

Since I began publishing my food blog on social media and column for The Itawamba County Times, I have shared hidden gems, local favorites, and their famous foods. Reeves Fish and Steak House is a prime example of build it right, and they will come. Since 1982, they have been serving the community tender steak, catfish, salad, and more.

I recently attended a family reunion in Golden at the Salem Community center located next to the restaurant. Then soon after, it was recommended that I visit the restaurant and try it’s famous steaks. That’s when I decided, there’s yer sign!

When arriving at the wood frame building surrounded by shade trees, odds are the parking lot may already be full. No worries, there are two huge dinning areas with plenty of seating. Once inside, you are cordially instructed to sit where you like and a waitress will be with you shortly.

Although the atmosphere and vibe was casual and friendly, what makes Reeves stand out began with our drink orders. After ordering water and sweet tea, we were promptly served our drinks along with a pitcher of each for the table. Folks, I hadn’t realized how much I loved this southern sweetness until I noticed the empty container at the end of my meal!

While the catfish was highly recommended, I was told that the steak with unique Dale’s & Garlic marinade is one of the most requested menu items along with their fully packed salad bar.

Since I wanted to get the full flavor experience, I went with the marinaded ribeye, sweet potato, salad bar, and added a whole catfish for just $2 more.

The next subtle stand out moment was when I surveyed the garden fresh salad bar and spotted most of my favorites like hard boiled eggs and olives, but also extras like three bean salad, beets, baby corn, and homemade croutons that were tender, tasty, and will melt in your mouth! Oh yeah!!!

As for speed of service, my meal arrived in record time. Before I had even put a dent in my salad, it was brought to my table piping hot and ready to be devoured! Granted, I spent extra time building my salad and taking photos, but hey, who doesn’t nowadays! LOL!

We eat with our eyes first…My ribeye looked beautiful. Perfect grilling marks, and hue, it was a sight to behold.

Cooked medium, the tender meat had a marinade of Dale’s & Garlic that seemed to enhance its natural flavors. After finishing my meal, the only thing left was my full belly and a desire to return another day!

My whole catfish with it’s crusty exterior and tender white meat was very good. With a splash of lemon and dash of tarter, it was some of the finest fish I’d ever eaten. My wife’s fish filet’s were equally as fine, each filet about a handful with an all you can eat option available.

For loyal locals and adventurous foodies like me, Reeves Fish and Steak House is a must experience destination. Just take interstate 22 to highway 25. Then head north past Cobb Stump Road, and finally take a left across from the water tower. SEE YA’LL THERE!!!

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