Wahlburgers Restaurant- Foley, AL

Wahlburgers Restaurant @ OWA Park in Foley, AL. The “Our Burger”, fries, onion rings, sweet potato tots, and a Wahlbrewski custom Pale Ale!The Wahlberg dynesty is known as an action packed family of American actors and now restaurant entrepreneurs expanding across the globe! The family also has a tv series that chronicles their rise in the restaurant business.While visiting the gulf cost, I got to experience one their newest locations at the OWA Park in Foley, AL!The restaurant is known for their burgers but have a rapidly expanding menu of sides, salads, and signature beer called the Wahlbrewski which is a custom Pale Ale.I spoke with one of the representatives about their signature products and crafted a first foodie experience to showcase what they had to offer.The “Our Burger” was at the top of their list which is built with a ⅓ lb. burger patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, government cheese, Paul’s housemade signature wahl sauce & pickles. This was a very thought out and tasty burger! They have several more burger choices to choose from and many add-ons that can make yours a unique experience every visit!Wahlburgers’ signature beer, the Wahlbrewski custom Pale Ale was served in a slightly frosted glass and is a must try for any beer connoisseur! I do enjoy a good beer with my meal and this custom pale ale hit the spot!

For the sides, we went with the usual fries, tots, and onion rings. However, nothing was usual about this trio! The fries were good and my wife enjoyed them. My favorite was a toss up between the rings and tots. The onion rings were sliced razor thin and appeared to have a little color from the purple onions peeking through the batter. This was a basket full resembling a fluffy nest of sweet and crunchy goodness that was completely gone by the end of our meal. The tots were made with sweet potatoes and came with their own wooden fork. Although these went great with the burger, I also considered it a sweet treat all to itself! I would definitely recommend getting a side of the sweet potato tots even if the rings or fries is already on your menu.

Even though I live several hundred miles away from this Wahlburgs’ location, it has been on my to-try list since I discovered it a year ago. We thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m sure you will too! Check out my blog for events, contests, new restaurants, LOCAL Favorites, and their FAMOUS foods!

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