Big R Drive In – Sherman, MS

Big R Drive In @ 298 3rd Ave, Sherman, MS 38869. I have been hearing about Sherman’s own Big R Drive In for some time now. Folks telling me, you HAVE to try their homemade burgers, Philly Steak sandwich’s, and more!

I rarely make it to the small town just north of Tupelo, until recently. So I decided, here’s my chance! Once you exit Hwy 78 to Sherman, you’ll see the Wild Bill’s service station on the left and a small billboard on the right pointing you to the Big R Drive In. Just cross the train tracks, proceed to the first stop sign, and you will have arrived at your destination!

The Big R is housed in a small gun shack building, overshadowed by the community water tower.

It has a Drive thru window, but also ample seating inside for several guests.

They have a fairly large menu to choose from, but I decided to start with the basics, a double cheeseburger and a large order of onion rings.

Their burger patties are quarter pound each and addictive! I ordered the double cheeseburger dressed with their special mayo must mix, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles.

The onion rings are cut in advance, then battered and cooked special for each order.

My large order of onion rings looked was as pleasing to admire as to devour!

I ordered my meal to go, and made the 30 minute drive home before digging in. Being wrapped and transported for that length of time may wreck the bun a little when taking photos, BUT I believe the marinading of the ingredients during that time, made this one of the tastiest burgers I’VE EVER HADE!!

When biting into the burger, it was just big enough that I could barely get it all in for a full bite. Their list of ingredients for the dressed version blended perfectly, to make the patties, bacon, bun, sauce & vegies, seem as one beautifully orchestrated presentation! Oh my!!! Whither you prefer a single, double, with or without bacon, you’ve got to try this burger!!!

With Sherman and the Big R Drive In only minutes away from Tupelo, y’all should definitely make the trip and give them a try! You can view their menu in advance for a Drive thru pick up, or dine in for the full home town experience!

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  1. Carl Purdon says:

    I work in Sherman and eat lunch at Big R’s just about ever single day. Everything I’ve tried is good, but I especially like the Club Combo.


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