Yamato – Steak House of Japan @ New Albany, MS

Yamato – Steak House of Japan @ 302 State Highway West, New Albany, MS 38652. Open everyday for lunch and dinner.

What I ordered: Japanese Burrito Roll and a side of fried rice. Also pictured is my family’s choices: Jumbo Shrimp hibachi dinner, Beef Tip hibachi dinner, and king Tempura Roll.

Located just off the New Albany exit, Yamato resides in the former location of a Western Sizzler. This is a familiar gathering place for many but with a completely updated look and exotic menu.

Since Yamato has many locations, they already had a well established game plan from the start.

However, each location has its own vibe and reputation to earn. Upon entering, I was impressed with the open atmosphere and cleanliness.

Before even reaching the table I already had an idea of what I wanted, the new Japanese Burrito Roll advertised on the chalkboard as we entered the lobby.

Having an idea of what I wanted, even before perusing the menu, was a great help since they have many appetizing choices to choose from.

I did order a side of rice to compliment my meal which I would also suggest when ordering one of their Japanese rolls.

The Burrito Roll has a little bit of everything and looked quite different from most other rolls offered especially since it’s actually square. It’s loaded with spicy tuna, crab meat, shrimp tempura, avocado, rolled in sesame soy paper with a side of Chef’s special sauce.

Yummy is definitely an accurate description of this Japanese Burrito Roll! There is no wrong way to eat it. I used both chopsticks and also old school finger food style with decent results. The chef’s sauce seams like a mixture of yum yum sauce and teriyaki sauce which was great for dipping. There is also a huge bottle of yum yum sauce on each table which goes great with everything!

My wife ordered the Jumbo Shrimp hibachi dinner, my cousin Richie the king Tempura Roll, and Lori the Beef Tip hibachi dinner.

Jumbo Shrimp hibachi dinner

king Tempura Roll

Beef Tip hibachi dinner

I will say that we all had a beautiful spread with a full table of food. Also, after seeing how appetizing the ladies hibachi selections were, I’m definitely gonna have to try one myself next visit!

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