Wing Express Deli – Tupelo

Wing Express Deli @ 1509 Main Street, Tupelo, MS. Located in the previous Bumpers location. Open for lunch and dinner everyday.

Don’t let the name fool you. Although they offer several wet versions of wings, they have a variety of menu options including burgers, fish, chicken, shrimp, and more!

What I ordered: philly Cheesesteak combo with five piece wings, a drink, plus a $1 extra for fries. Total cost around $12.00.

When entering the restaurant I noticed the cleanliness of the dining area and the open floor plan so you can watch the crew working the kitchen. They have the menu posted above the bar so you can quickly place your order and wait for your number to be called.

Even though Wing Stop has very good photography depicting their menu items, I was still surprised to see the quality and quantity of my order.

The Philly filled up half the plate. It was loaded with meat and every grilled add on available from peppers and onions to mushrooms. It’s then totally drenched in melted cheese. Pure awesomeness!

The wings come in several flavors. I decided to go with the medium hotness which may still leave you crying tears of joy! Since all their wing flavors are wet, it’s gonna get messy so grab a couple fistfuls of napkins and eat like nobody’s watching!

Like any restaurant, different food items will take different amounts of time to complete so don’t be surprised if you burger order takes a little longer than the customer who ordered wings or a salad after you. You just gotta budget your eating out time accordingly and enjoy the company.

While there I met a couple followers of my blog. We got to talking about the local food scene, new foodie adventures in other parts of the country and even a couple cooking tips. This is one of the things I love about being a food blogger. No matter what your political preferences or favorite sports teams, everyone can find some common ground when it comes to eating out.

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