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Tasty food, relaxing atmosphere, festivals, special events, and thousands in giveaways! These are just a few of my favorite things and what I have shared through my blog over the past few years.

Although the name of my blog “Eating Out With Jeff Jones” may imply a one man show, this is far from the case! Since the beginning, I have relied on recommendations from y’all for the best local eats.

I’ve also partnered with local establishments like the Community Development Foundation, Downtown Mainstreet Association, Elvis Presley Festival, Tupelo Con, Premium Productions, and more to provide prizes and fun event info for all to enjoy!

Help grow our community of fun loving foodies by telling us about your favorite local restaurants, upcoming events, and by sharing our page!

Also, if you would like to partner with us for giveaways, specials, and other fun events, I’d love to hear from you!

Check out my blog for events, contests, new restaurants, LOCAL Favorites, and their FAMOUS foods!

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