Strange Brew Tupelo – King Cake!

Strange Brew Coffee House @ 220 North Gloster Street, Tupelo, MS. First red light north of Crosstown. Today…King Cakes!

Owners Shane and Katelyn Reed, began making King Cakes from scratch a few years ago at their Starkville location. Shane tells me that they use an old recipe Katelyn got from her family while living in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Strange Brew has several fillings to choose from. This includes the traditional cinnamon filling, cream cheese, and several cream cheese + fruit fillings. Of the filling choices, they have cream cheese/Nutella, cream cheese/strawberry, cream cheese/blueberry, and more.

Strange Brew can create for you a King Cake with other fillings like apple, but to insure you acquire what your taste buds desire, call ahead to preorder your special treat.

While deciding where to begin, Katelyn tells me her absolute favorite is cream cheese with blueberry filling. However, my daughter voted for cream cheese with strawberry filling…so strawberry it is!

Whichever flavor you choose, you can’t go wrong. In the package, each King Cake comes with everything you see here to make it festive. This includes beads, and a small baby figurine. The tradition is to place the baby figurine within the King Cake. Whoever gets the slice with the baby has to buy the next King Cake. However, the figurine is packaged separately within the cake box, so you can decide whether to use it or not.

Each King Cake feeds between 8 to 10 and comes at different price points ranging from $20.99 to 27.99, depending on your filling choices.

We eat with our eyes first. Taking in the craftsmanship and colors of this historic sweet treat. It starts taking you to a happy place before even experiencing your first bite. You first get the sweet crunch from the top layer of sugary frosting. Then, you start your way through layers of the rolled cake and finally make it to the cream cheese and strawberry filling.

I highly recommend enjoying this traditional treat with a hot cup of coffee or your favorite flavor from Strange Brew Coffeehouse.

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