Legends Sports Grille

Legends Sports Grille @ 910 West Main Street, Fulton, MS, 38843 ( FIRST LOOK) located in the former Artesian Restaurant building in Downtown Fulton, MS.

Legend’s Fried Blue Crab sandwich with Loaded Potato Salad. This basket combo is only $7.00! Ask for a side of their special cheese & wine sauce to complete the experience.

This was a very satisfying meal for the low price. They offer burgers, BBQ, steaks, and more. I chose the soft shell crab sandwich as my first contact, to simply test the waters and gage their presentation skills.

You can color me impressed! The sandwich tasted as good as I had hoped, plus the huge amount of loaded potato salad could be considered a meal by itself!

Soft shell crab is a treat to eat as well as a sight to behold! The shell is so soft when in season, it’s considered part of the meat. This allows the entire crustacean to be prepared and consumed whole.

Open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday. Not only do they have a varied menu, they also offer several flat screens for sports. Plus, two rooms filled with pool tables and a juke box.

I’ll miss seeing the iconic Artesian Restaurant sign, but I’m glad to see new growth flourishing in my hometown of Fulton, MS. Till next time, I’ll see y’all Out n’ About!

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