McAlaster’s Deli – SPUD MAX

McAlaster’s Deli @ 495 South Gloster, Tupelo. SPUD MAX! $7.49 Open Sunday – Thursday 10:30am till 9:30pm, Friday – Saturday 10:30am till 10:00pm.

On one of the recent cold weather days I took a moment to ponder what would hit the spot for lunch. Although several of my favorite foods came to mind, a blast from the past rose to the top, Spud Max from McAlaster’s Deli! I hadn’t had one in a while so it was about time!  

They offer five signature spuds from their Giant Spuds collection and also a “craft your own” section for even more choices.  

When you first walk in, you place your order, take a number, and find a table till your order arrives. They have take out menus available as you walk in the door and posted above the counter. I already knew what I wanted going in so it was a fast passed experience.  

My Spud Max was huge and loaded with ham, turkey, bacon, cheddar-jack, green onion, and sour cream. I rarely eat just a potato for a meal but this isn’t JUST a potato! It warmed me up and filled a need I had as well. For my next spud, I’m gonna craft my own using Chili and cheddar for a new foodie adventure! 

McAlaster’s location in Tupelo has been around for decades and offer a verity of Deli foods ranging from nachos, sandwiches, soups, salads, spuds, and more. Wether you’re looking to order take out, catering, or a pleasant sit down meal, visit McAlaster’s Deli for some good food served by some helpful friendly folks.  

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