Double Barrel Restaurant & Catering Co. – Catfish Plate lunch 

Double Barrel Restaurant & Catering Co. @ 825 North Gloster, Tupelo, MS (Formerly JR.’S Lounge). Open Monday through Friday from 10:30 till 2:30pm.

NOW OPEN! I’ve been anticipating this opening for some time now and it was well worth the wait! The folks from the Double Barrel Steakhouse in Shannon decided to relocate to Gloster street in Tupelo and reopen with a new mission. To serve their famous country food for lunch every weekday to the residents of Tupelo and surrounding area.  

Now, this isn’t the owner’s first rodeo! When they opened up their new location, they came out of the gate with both barrels blazing! This was only their 2nd day open and everything during my visit was flawless.  

They offer plate lunches with several choices of meat, veggies, bread and drink. I chose the 1 meat, 3 veggie, bread and drink special for $7.99. To make it even sweeter, I also purchased one of their homemade fried pies for an extra $1.99.  

When you walk in, hop in line, tell the nice folks your lunch picks, then pay at the register. You can get some self serve drinks on the way to your table and BAM…your good to go!  

My lunch choices were the fried catfish fillets, coleslaw, potato salad, boiled cabbage with smoked sausage, and hush puppies. 

 For my fried pie, they offered Apple or peach, although it was a tough choice, I went with apple.   

It was all very good. The fish were crispy on the outside with tender white meat. The coleslaw had a nice balanced flavor and looked great. The potato salad was kind of a loaded baked potato version. It had tender slices and loaded with creamy goodness. I also loved that they make their cabbage with sausage. I must admit that I don’t eat as many veggies as I should, but when I do, adding sausage is definitely a plus!

This was a fast paced experience with a verity of tasty home cooking to choose from, friendly staff, and very attentive.  

They have balanced the atmosphere quite nicely also. This is a huge building. They have spaced the eating areas so that it feels like you have your own little cozy corner to dine and admire all the memorabilia on display.  

Visit their page to keep up with their daily menu choices and special event at:

I often hear folks say that they like to wait a couple weeks to let new restaurants work the kinks out. Let me just say that the Double Barrel Restaurant & Catering Co. is good to go and ready to serve! See y’all there!  

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