Blue Canoe – Soft shell crab sandwich 

Blue Canoe @ 2006 N. Gloster St., Tupelo, MS. Soft shell crab sandwich with fries. $14.00 plus tax.  The Blue Canoe’s Nashville Style Soft Shell Crab sandwich with home cut fries…AWESOMENESS on a plate!!! Request their house remoulade sauce for the perfect compliment to any sandwich or side item. Tender from first bite to last, this meal is a must try!  I call this my first official tasting of fried soft shell crab. I love shell fish and all types of crustaceans especially deep fried. I actually had my first experience at eating “soft” shell crab from a street vender at a local festival a while back. Let’s just say, I couldn’t believe this was all the rage. When I saw it offered from the Blue Canoe I made plans to try it again for the first time. It was EPIC!  

After my first encounter with this soft skinned sea creature I was determined to learn more. Like the old song “Haunted House” by John Fogerty, excepted adapted to my situation…Say yes, I’ll be here when the morning comes, I’ll be right here and I ain’t gonna run. I bought this burger, now you know I’m boss. Ain’t no crab gonna run me off!  After proper preparation, it’s basically cooked shell, claws, and all. When harvested in season and at just the right time, the shells are so thin and soft it’s considered part of the meat. When you start to dig in, their is no wrong way to proceed. Some folks like to eat the crab straight off the bun, or dress it up like a burger and dig in!  This wasn’t my first visit to the Blue Canoe, but out of the many trips I’ve made, I’ve always ordered something different. Everything I’ve ever experienced from the BC has had that WOW factor, from their crack fries to the specialty burgers. If you have an adventurous palette, pick something on the menu you’ve never heard of and go for it!  Check out their page for specials, entertainment, and more. They’ve always got something fresh going on at the Blue Canoe!

Just look for the Funky Little shack on the hill, shaken’ all night with great music & good vibes! 😎✌️

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