A Little Taste of Chicago Food Truck – Chicago dog & fries

A Little Taste of Chicago Food Truck @ Fairpark in Tupelo, MS (check their page for updated locations). Chicago dog, fries and drink. Only $7.00 including tax! We’ve got a growing list of fine food trucks in our community and recently added one more. These folks saw something they thought our town needed, built it, and hit the road! I really admire that.  A little Taste Of Chicago has taken the traditional corner hotdog stand, beefed it up, then knocked it out of the ball park!!! They have a varied menu to choose from with sides that include fries and onion rings. I’d already heard from friends that their Chicago dog was just as they had enjoyed when visiting the Windy City. So the Chicago dog seemed to me the perfect place to start!   For only $7 I got the Chicago dog, fries, and a drink which includes tax. The Chicago dog is made to its original specs. They start with a poppy seed bun, then add the hotdog covered in yellow mustard, white onion, relish, peppers, sliced tomato, and a dill pickle spear.  This was my first Chicago style hot dog, and it was amazing! All the flavors blended perfectly with just a little spicy kick thanks to the peppers and onion.  I also have to give a brief shout out to the fries as well. Folks, I don’t eat fries to get my allotment of veggies for the day. I eat them for pure pleasure. And how I like my fries is a little crispy around the edges with just the right amount of salt already added. With the first bite, I realized…A Little Taste Of Chicago gets where I’m coming from.  To learn more about their menu and locations, check out their page @ https://www.facebook.com/alittletasteofchicago/

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