DECO Deli + Bar (closed)

DECO Deli + Bar @ 112 North Railroad Avenue, New Albany, MS. Open Tuesday – Saturday. Lunch 11:00am – 2:00pm. Dinner begins at 5:00pm.There is a saying, “what’s old is new again”. Basically, if you wait long enough, younger generations will discover the best from past generations and incorporate into the best of today.  DECO Deli + Bar has taken this concept and created a space that celebrates the past while providing a positive atmosphere, and a menu geared toward innovative dishes using farm to table produce. Their meats contain no added hormones, no antibiotics and they also use organic, non GMO, locally sourced ingredients when available.  Giving back to the community is also a priority. With each order, customers are given a choice of several charitable organizations to choose from. The restaurant will then donate to the organization of your choosing at no additional cost to the customers. DECO Deli + Bar is located in a beautiful building constructed in the DECO era style and is on the National Registry of Historic Places. The theme continued with the  interior design and music by Frank Sinatra, plus a mix of Jazz and Cuban for a little extra spice.For a casual lunch, head to the back counter place your order and choose a table. For a special touch, you’re given an order number on a small decorative plant. For a nice dinner, you are seated, then choose your meal from an expanded menu.  For my lunch visit, they offer sandwiches, salads, Vegetarian & gluten free options, plus several unique side items. You can see a selection of the various sides at the counter and even taste a sample before you decide.

After some helpful suggestions from the staff, I choose the Green Roast Beef, MJR Potato Salad, & Creme Brulé.  My Green Roast Beef was 100% Vegetarian fed sliced roast beef topped with feta cheese, cucumber, red onion, roasted red pepper, and Greek dressing spread on panini pressed wheat bread. The beef had a nice flavor. The veggies were fresh and crisp. The crumbled feta and dressing gave it a tart & tangy flare that really tied it all together.   My side of MJR Potato salad only had a few ingredients consisting of oven roasted potatoes fresh parsley, green onion, and mayo. All the potatoes had a nice consistency, was evenly coated, and very tasty.   Now so far, I’d had a very satisfying meal. I decided a sweet treat would be a great way to wrap up a successful first visit. Their Creme Brulé not only put it over-the-top, but knocked it into a different time zone! The presentation looked awesome. It was a rich custard topped with a thin caramelize shell. The topping was crispy, yet still thin enough to easily break through. Oh my…So good! Although I live a good 45 minutes from New Albany, I’ve found myself making the round trip more frequently for all the great food, fun, and local flavor this historic town has to offer. While standing on the street corner near DECO Deli + Bar, I saw three of my new favorite restaurants, two on my to-try list, and another that is under construction. A historic town, growing by leaps and bounds, visit New Albany and go back in time to find your new favorite flavor! Support LocaL – LIKE • COMMENT • SHARE

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