Forklift Restaurant 

Forklift @ 1103 West Jackson street, Tupelo, MS.  

I’ve been following the evolution of David Leathers’ vision since it was first mentioned a while back. During its progression, it’s original name and architectural design has changed, but not the vision. To offer award winning food at great prices, while paying homage to his local roots in Itawamba County.  

Among their offerings are Southern inspired dishes using in house cured & smoked meats, homemade goods and other locally sourced products.

When I first arrived, I began noticing details among the interior design that projected innovation and a sense of local community. Unique lighting, homemade goods lining the walls, a clear view of the kitchen, a community table for large groups, and outdoor patio seating. 

They have a simple lunch menu with a special twist on some old favorites. My first picks were Bruschetta, Flat Biscuit & Meatloaf, and Ice Cream Sandwich.  

The Bruschetta as an appetizer was a great introduction. It is listed as a daily special so toppings may vary. Today’s selection consisted of smoked beef, homemade jam, and crumbled cheese. The tartness of the cheese, sweet jam, and slight smoky flavor and texture of the beef made a tasty combination.  

My main course, or biggie as its called, was the Flat Biscuit & Meatloaf. I was told this was their most popular selection, and I discovered why. They have took a classic comfort food and added their own Southern inspired twist! A firm hunk of meatloaf placed on a flatbread biscuit, smothered in a rich tomato gravy, then covered in grilled onions. The combination is unmistakably unique and takes comfort food to new extremes!  

Last but not least was a sweet treat for desert. A double chocolate cookie ice cream sandwich. Today’s ice cream was a mix of cream cheese, chocolate, and pistachio. Let me say, if I just had a bucket of this ice cream, I’d be one happy camper! The sandwich comes with a spoon, so you have options. You can go old school, grab it with both hands, and eat like no one’s watching. Or go cookie in one hand and spoon in the other. Just do what makes you happy.  

Folks, As I was driving back home, I thought what great cultural experiences our community has had through the years and still does. From the birth place of Elvis to crosstown alone is jam packed with art, entertainment, and some of the best local eats around!  

Forklift was brought to fruition by the labor of local artisans, and community involvement. From raising the walls to stocking their shelves.   

And as I keep looking for new experiences to write about, my wonderful community of friends and unique eateries continues to expand thanks to David Leathers and Forklift Restaurant.  
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