Country Boy’s Hamburgers 

Country Boy’s Hamburgers @ 313 N Main Street, Amory, MS. Open Monday – Saturday 6:am – 3:pm. Burger, fries, and sweet tea.
Established in 1982, Country Boy’s Hamburgers have been around a while. Although my drive was less than 30 minutes from home, I hadn’t heard of them till recently. But after a short visit, I could tell they were a must have for the folks in Amory. What do they serve that’s kept them in business for over 30 years? Burgers and fries for lunch and a $6 breakfast plate. Want some desert? They have some moon pies, pecan pies, and cookies for purchase at the counter.   

These folks are proof positive that you don’t have to have a complicated menu to stay in business. Just serve good food at a good price, and they will come. In fact, they don’t even have menus. Just order a burger and choose your toppings. Choices are cheese, onion, pickles, mayo, mustard and ketchup. They don’t offer tomato or lettuce. Although they don’t offer tomatoes, you can bring your own and country Boy’s will slice it up and add it to your burger on the spot! I’m told this is a standard practice for several regulars.    
For my first visit I went with the basic burger with cheese and a side of pickles. It’s a fresh all beef burger that comes standard with mustard and onion. For my side, crinkle cut fries. Chips are also available. For my drink, sweet tea of course! It was a tasty and simple burger. Nothing fancy, just good food at a great price served by some nice folks.   
I mentioned earlier that they also serve breakfast. I haven’t yet tried their early morning offerings, it is such a part of the community, a breakfast club has formed, centered around this local business by loyal customers.  
Although they don’t have a menu for me to share, here you go:
Burger $2.55

Cheeseburger $2.75

Fries $1.85 

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