Crossroads Ribshack 

Crossroads Ribshack @ 3061 Tupelo Commons, Tupelo, MS. Decided to grab a couple bbq sandwiches with slaw on the way home from work for me and the Wife.    

For a regular sandwich, there was plenty of meat and slaw. I was impressed with how well the meat was pulled / shredded. There was bbq sauce on the sandwich but they also included extra in the bag just in case more was needed, which is a nice touch.  
 What made this trip even better, was my buy one / get one FREE coupon from my Local Savings coupon book! 😎✌ #eatlocal #eatingoutwithjeffjones  
  See more LOCAL Favorites and their FAMOUS foods! Check out my blog “Eating Out With Jeff Jones”, Click Like and Enjoy!


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