Endville bakery & Catering – King Cake

Endville Bakery & Catering @ 2135 McCullough Blvd., Tupelo, MS.  

Not only can they satisfy s sweet tooth, but also offer daily lunch specials, catering, and take home meals that you just pop in the oven and cook to temp..  
I’d never had a King cake before and decided to order one from Endville Bakery just down the road from where I work. Oh, and yeah, I’d had the kind sold at the local supermarket, but I was certain there had to more to it. Turns out, a LOT more!  

Endville  Bakery gives you three fillings to choose from, Cream cheese and cinnamon, cream cheese and strawberry, or our choice…cream cheese and praline pecans!  

   Even though I ordered the small version, it was still quite large. The drizzled icing was still soft to the touch and the ring of cake is loaded with praline pecans and rich, creamy goodness!  

  BTW, you can order one any time, just give them a heads up and your favorite flavor. 

 Now granted, this is the first actual King cake I’ve eaten with nothing else to compare to. BUT…I know what I like, what taste good, and this creation from Endville Bakery & Catering takes the CAKE!  

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