Simply Sweet by Margarete Bakery 

Simply Sweet by Margarete Bakery @ 189 South Green Street, Tupelo, MS. Open Mon – Fri, 9:am till 6:pm. Lunch served 11:am till 2:pm.

 Today for lunch I had Schnitzel, Blueberry Torte, AND Lemon Delight! Cakes sold whole or by the slice. 
I got a rare Friday off from my day job and decided to do lunch at Simply Sweet by Margarete Bakery. Have you ever passed by a place so many times and wondered about what it was like? Then one day you finally take the time to stop, and discover the GREATNESS you’ve been depriving yourself! This was one of my moments. While I was there, a couple walked in, looked around, and said they never realized the bakery was here…this was their moment too!

I travel a lotta miles looking for the best burgers, unique dishes, and most mouthwatering deserts our local folks have to offer, and I had to look no further than Margarete’s in Downtown Tupelo.

You walk in the small metal building and see chocolates, cakes, cookies, and other confections along the walls and overflowing glass cases. They also bake their own breads plus a lunch menu of soups, sandwiches, salads, fruits, and some fine German cuisine.

   I’d already planned an eating marathon for today, so I decided to pace myself and try the Schnitzel for lunch, which is Pan fried pork tenderloin with a spicy sauce, lettuce, and tomato.

  It was a nice sandwich from the fresh bread to the golden crusted tenderloin.

  If you zoom in, you can see the crust glistening…that’s it’s juicy flavor trying to escape!

 Now for DESERT! I would have loved to try a bite of every item they had in stock, which is a lot. Have you ever had a desert call your name? Out of the entire bakery, my focus was drawn to the front case with the Blueberry Torte and Lemon Delight.

 The Blueberry Torte was huge with fluffy layers of cake, a sweet and creamy topping, with blueberries that still pop with flavor!

 I was going to stop there, but then I kept going back to the Lemon Delight and decide I had to have a slice…for the road of course. Glad I did! It’s got so many layers of flavor going on all at once. From the creamy topping with pecan pieces, tangy lemon center, to the pecan encrusted bottom layer. It’s so good that it makes you go “Mmmm” and think of words like scrumptious and gratifying…yeah, that good! As it turned out, the nice young lady behind the counter said these were two of their best sellers!

 The owner, Margarete, told me that she doesn’t use social media. She has always relied on word of mouth advertising. And when the train passes by her bakery, stopping traffic, they take the folks waiting in line a few treats to pass the time. We have such a rich and interesting community worth exploring…start your next journey with some Simply Sweet treats from Margarete’s! #eatingoutwithjeffjones

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