Sugaree’s Bakery 

A quick SHOUT OUT to Sugaree’s Bakery @ 110 West Bankhead Street, New Albany, MS.
While I was in town for some diner recently, I decided to check out Sugaree’s Bakery since I had never been. All I can say is, y’all got to check them out! 
Everything looked wonderful, from the huge chocolate meringue pies, to the various cheesecake bars, cookies and cakes ( also sold by the slice). 
This was a quick trip so I decided to start by trying the Praline Cheesecake bars. Decadent is the 1st word that comes to mind! I tried It once I got back home. It was sweet and creamy and and I instantly regretted not buying more while I was there! 
Till next time… #eatingoutwithjeffjones
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