Peppertown Restaurant 

Peppertown Restaurant @ 21 hwy 363, Mantachie, MS (Peppertown). Peppertown Restaurant is a local hometown favorite located just off hwy 78 between Mooreville and Fulton. I’ve visited this spot most of my life as most in the community have. We sometimes take it for granted until you step back and notice just how good a country cafe can be. Ok, I’ve been trying a LOT of different burgers in a LOT of different places. Some have different toppings and buns to choose from but none would be worth trying without having a juicy, well cooked, and prepared patty or two to start with. What I have today is a dressed double bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries on the side. It has mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles with 2 slices of cheese (1 on top of each patty). Each of the patties were HUGE & JUICY! And their was enough bacon to make it’s own sandwich. Well I’m here to tell ya, if your a serious burger eatin” connoisseur like me, then you need to put Peppertown Restaurant on your “to try” list! Oh, and the double bacon cheeseburger is only $4.75!!’

 The sweet taters were extremely tasty, and ya’ll could probably tell from the pic that the fries had a slight “crust” that made them even better! And they didn’t hold back on the portion size either, you ALWAYS get great food and best value from the Peppertown Restaurant!
Their open Monday -Wednesday 5:30am-2:pm, Thursday- Saturday 5:30am-8:pm.
See more LOCAL Favorites and their FAMOUS foods! Check out my blog “Eating Out With Jeff Jones”, Click Like and Enjoy!


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