Blue Canoe Restaurant – Smashly Joe & peanut butter bourbon bread pudding 

Blue Canoe @ 2006 N. Gloster St., Tupelo, MS. Tonight I decided to get some Good Mood Food after work from the Blue Canoe and help a good cause. Special event 1-19-2016, For each sale of either their sloppy joe, Smashly joe, or their featured desert , $3 goes towards the new animal shelter and local animal rescue organizations.
I ordered the Smashly Joe with fries. This is one awesome sandwich! It uses Neon Pig’s smash meat. It seems to be sautéed with peppers and onions with a nice tangy flavor and topped with cheese. The mixture overflows the bread and mingles with the crispy home fries which is a delicious combination as well! I have had this sandwich on my “to try” list for a little while and it was worth the wait!
And to help raise more money, of course, I also ordered the brand new featured desert, Peanut butter bourbon bread pudding. I was told that I was the first costumer to try it and they wanted my feed back. Well, here ya go…please add it to the menu! With the first bite, you get a flavor explosion with a little bit of crispy ness from the top layer. The peanut butter with bourbon is a nice combination. Once I got about half way down, it starts to smooth out. That’s when you scoop up a little of the overflow sauce around the cup to add to each additional bite. And once I got to the bottom, their was a lit bit of creamy goodness left for my last bite. In a word, it was Funkalicious! 😎✌️ #eatingoutwithjeffjones
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