Why write Restaurant reviews?


I work, eat, and play here in the south.  And when I find a restaurant or menu item that I really like, I figured, give them a Shout Out, and do my part to help raise awareness to our local restaurants and keep them in business! That’s why I post in all the review pages and my personal Facebook page. One day I realized that I’d written a LOT of reviews with business locations, photos of my favorite foods and sometimes menus. I spend more time writing lengthy reviews, taking just the right photos and doing research than I care to mention. But you know, when our communities depend on these places, including me, it’s worth the time. I wanted to include all the reviews I write in one spot, so I created my personal blog. Our words matter to a lot of folks that run the restaurants and their patrons, so I want to make it count. 😎✌️

Check it out on Facebook, click like, and enjoy!!! https://www.facebook.com/eatingoutwithjeffjones

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